April 14, 2024 – Second Sunday after Easter

Listen to the Shepherd's Voice

The world is full of talkers. There are plenty of people who say they care about you. But we are aware of what many of those people will do when it comes time to put those words into action. Jesus tells you in his Word that he cares for you dearly... that he would do anything for you. How do you know you can trust him? Jesus followed up his words with works. Jesus said he would suffer and die for you, so that you might enter Paradise. He fulfilled that promise. Jesus words are followed by works. He once illustrated that point in a striking metaphor, that of the Good Shepherd. All shepherds use words, calling to the sheep hoping they will follow. What sets the Good Shepherd apart is the fact that his words are followed by his works, including his willingness to lay down his life. Every word our Good Shepherd speaks to us is trustworthy!