July 2, 2023 – Fifth Sunday after Pentecost

Peace in the World

Peace in our time would be a wonderful thing to experience, as countless things in life are anything but peaceful. From our stresses and circumstances to the sins that surround us and others, can peace ever be attained? It is not from lack of trying. Politicians attempt to create and even make promises of peace, relationships that were strained can become mended, and turmoil can be overcome at times. But does it last? We know in this world it doesn’t, but there is a peace that does last. Jeremiah is inspired to speak of false peace among his people, but only the Lord can truly bring it. As the Paul writes about the anything- but-peaceful lives of sin, we are reminded of peace that only comes from God’s forgiveness in Christ. Even as Jesus speaks of the sword He comes to bring, it doesn’t bring “peace on earth.” As we hear God’s Word, may we be drawn today and always to a peace that is beyond our understanding come by and through Christ’s victory for us as we await eternal joys in Him.